VA Loans – Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto, Parrish, Venice, Port Charlotte, Florida

Sunrise Financial thanks all Veterans for serving in our nation’s military! Part of our tremendous gratitude is shown by our willingness to help Veterans in their quest to buy a home through VA loans!

All Veterans in Bradenton, Palmetto and Sarasota, along with their spouses, widows and widowers, are encouraged to contact Team Sunrise to go over their options.

VA loans are presented by the Veterans Administration, as these loans are government-secured and the most popular avenue for Veterans who wish to purchase a house approved by the VA or refinance their existing property.

VA loans also support energy-efficient installations to a home, along with manufactured home/lot acquisitions. Renovations are also allowed, and qualifications for this loan are mostly based on a Veteran’s duty status while in the military.

The attraction of VA loans come mainly from their lessened credit score requirements. Aid is provided by the VA to borrowers via a purchase loan with a captivating interest rate when they buy a property.

VA also has a cash-out refinance loan for Veterans who would like to extract cash on the equity of their home to eradicate debts, help with paying for school and execute various enhancements to their property.

A maximum guaranty of 100% of a home’s value is offered by VA. Non-VA loans are allowed to be refinanced into VA loans, as well.

The VA doesn’t directly get involved in the proceedings since it operates as the insurer of the loan, which is private lender-processed. A ration of the loan is guaranteed to serve as protection for the lender in the case of a borrower is no longer able to repay the loan. Under this guarantee, the VA will emerge to cover the lender’s losses.

As an outcome from this guaranty, borrowers appear more attractive to lenders and often receive favorable terms on their loans. They’re routinely offered a 0% down payment term, with the main requirement being the price of the home be lower than its appraisal value. Additionally, borrowers do not need to be concerned with private mortgage premiums.

VA loans do fund closing costs for its borrowers, and regulations are imposed to limit the total amount they can be charged. Borrowers will also notice their lenders are disallowed to penalize them for paying their loan back in full earlier than originally anticipated.

Re-using of loans in this program is allowed, as first-time status is not needed from borrowers. VA loans can indeed also become assumable if the person assuming the loan meets specific qualifications.

VA does have several eligibility requirements to utilize its loans. To start, the property the loan is utilized for must be the borrower’s main residence.

Borrowers need to possess adequate income, along with a Certificate of Eligibility that has been verified. Many Veterans use the DD Form 214 as their needed evidence to get their COE verification. Applications can be submitted through a lender, by mail or online.

VA loans do not have a cap on the overall amount borrowers can acquire, however, there are loan limits on the total liability VA will assume. The overall total of funding provided by a lender is affected as a result of this.

Regarding loan limits, they essentially are the amount a Veteran with a full entitlement may obtain without the obligation of a down payment. Lenders usually provide a maximum sum of up to four times a Veteran’s full entitlement, which is normally $36,000.

Requirements for Veterans to receive a maximum allotment are in relation to credit, income and the equality of the home’s appraisal and asking prices.

Location plays a crucial role in determining the value of a home, hence the reason why loan limits can change by county. Sunrise Financial excels in areas such as Bradenton, Palmetto and Sarasota, which are all part of either Manatee County or Sarasota County.

You’ll find the loan limits for those counties below:

County     One-Unit Limit  Two-unit Limit Three-Unit Limit Four-Unit Limit
Manatee     $484,550 $620,200 $749,650 $931,600
Sarasota     $484,550 $620,200 $749,650 $931,600


Whether you’re in Bradenton, Palemetto or Sarasota, Team Sunrise can happily help you with your VA loans! Call us today at (941) 758-6303.